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USS Pro TC60

(available in a truck or trailer)*

Why choose a Unicus USS Pro TC60 drywall texture rig?

  • Low operating and maintenance costs

    • Uses less than 1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour on average to run the entire system

  • Utilizes our patented "step saver" control

    • Start, stop and adjust pump pressure at the gun 

  • Fully expandable 

    • Add additional mixers or hose groups at a later date​

  • Safe, air driven system

    • Compressor unit provides 60 CFM of air at up to 175 psi

  • Spray in cold, hot or wet conditions

  • Turns out batch in minutes

  • Fast pump changeover

  • Pressurized water flushing system

USS Pro TC60 Available Features

  • 60 CFM Skid Mount Air Compressor 

  • Various air reservoir sizes

  • Hydraulic mixer (70,120,175 gallon options)

  • Siphon system for 55 gallon drums

  • 20 gallon hydraulic reservoir

  • 10:1 Grover material pump

  • 100 gallon water tank (other sizes available) with diaphragm pump 

  • 1 - 200 foot 1/2"hose group with option for 2nd hose

  • 1 - 3/4" pole gun

  • Cargo box or trailer heater option

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Custom hose group hanger

  • 15 amp, 120 volt electrical service

  • Safety package (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, eye wash station)

  • One day of expert training

  • And more....

Drywall texture rig

*  Please contact Unicus Spray Systems for required truck and/or trailer specs

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