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USS Pro Air II

(available in a truck or trailer)

Why choose a Unicus USS Pro Air II spray foam rig?

  • Double Your Output Capacity

    • 2 Hoses can be sprayed simultaneously to double your foam output yielding a huge ROI

      • Proportioner pump can deliver over 6 gpm

  • NO Generator or Shore Power Required

    • Unicus proprietary hydronic design uses waste heat from the compressor unit to heat the foam material

      • Material is heated before being pressurized to provide maximum foam yield

      • Provides large delta T for cold weather spraying

  • More Available Air Than Any Other System

    • 92 cfm of air at 100 psi

      • All air powered proportioner pump and transfer pumps for long lasting reliability

    • Allows for multi-worker remote breathing system

  • Ultra Fuel Efficient Design

    • Uses just over a gallon of diesel fuel per thousands of dollars in annual fuel costs (click here to see annual fuel savings)

  • Compact and Lightweight

    • No separate generator room req'd; takes up minimal space

  • Easy-To-Use Mechanical Design

    • No expensive electrical components to replace over time

Two hose spray foam rig
USS Pro Air II Standard Features
  • 92 cfm compressor

  • Unicus Hot Box Heating System

  • Graco air driven, high output proportioner pump

  • 2 - 250' hydronically heated insulated hose group with ultra tough ballistic nylon jacket

  • 2 - Graco Fusion or P2 guns

  • 2 - Custom hose racks

  • 2 - Graco T3 transfer pumps

  • Air Dryer

  • 15 amp, 110V electric

  • Work bench with vise

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Tool Chest

  • Basic Worker Safety Kit

  • Operating Manual

  • 1 day of training and instruction

Available Options include:
  • multi worker supplied air breathing system
  • mixer with custom drum covers
  • cargo box heater
  • easy slide drum tracks and more
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